Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sew me a ladybird

Before Nina was born, at the peak of my pregnancy, I started looking at sewing books, trying to find cute and girly patterns for baby clothes.

We were told we were going to have a little girl this time, though the Sonographer was rather vague and didn't want us to go Girl-Tastic, yet, as she just wasn't 100% sure, so I resisted the urge to splash out on all things girl, until... well... almost the end.

But I couldn't resist sewing up some little girly dresses and tops, just in case... worst case scenario (fashion wise, as I wouldn't have minded at all if we were to be blessed with another boy), I could pass the dresses onto my nieces.

Here is my first creation:

The Ladybird Dress

pattern by Oliver + S

The process of making it

The finished dress


Quite proud of myself really... as usually my knack for sewing is a little laksy-daisy, and my attention to "sewing-details" and following instructions is pretty bad, but this time, I worked it out, step by step, detail for detail and voila'... the finished dress actually looks like it might last!

She'll have to wait until she's at least 12 months old to wear it, mind...

I'm already establishing her Summer Collection Look.

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