Monday, 3 October 2011

Nits, Mags and a Bad Back

 Happy Monday Everyone!

Or is it?
What a week end.
Three weeks at school and my boy already has nits.
I felt terrible yesterday when, after a few days of complaining he had an itchy head, I finally checked his thick locks... and there, for all to see, were nits.

Now I myself am not unfamiliar with the little buggers, as when I was a little girl, with extra long dark hair, I was location numero 1 for the creatures, but it still spun me out!!!


Bless him, he had to endure the chemical stuff in his hair, 3 shampoos, a dose of hair conditioner and lengthy fine tooth combing. Tomorrow a major hair cut. The perks of having a boy, is you can help the situation by chopping all the locks away (booohooooo).

What do other people do?

On a more positive note, I received this months edition of 
Mollie Makes Magazine, which I am addicted to. 
If you haven't heard of Mollie Makes, check out their website and get subscribing!

The cherry on the cake though, is that my back is playing tricks on me. It's aching and I am in fear that it will slip out, as it did when I was 3 months pregnant...
Not what I need right now, as I am trying to meet the feeding demands of little Nina.
Day and Night. Night and Day. Day and Night.
As those signature, maternal chubby cheeks begin to fill out.

So I am trying to take it easy, wearing a back support, hoping the Osteopath will be able to treat me successfully, start doing Pilates again, which I see as a "medical requirement".
Fingers crossed it's just a passing weakness and it will soon go back to it's usual strength.

Gonna put the Pilates DVD on and wake my pelvic floor muscle up.

Or do a spot of Crochetting...
Why not?
That always makes me feel HAPPY, if all else fails...

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