Sunday, 30 October 2011

A Seaside Dress

Another fashion creation for little Nina.

I made this

Nautical Dress

before she came along, in, what I now call

My Weekend of Sewing Madness


Al and Luca were away for a long week end at Grandads', and I had my hands free (for the first time in 4 years!!!) to... well, to go crazy with my sewing machine whilst watching rubbish telly, without disturbing either big man or little boy with the "wrrrrrrr wrrrrrrr wrrrrrring"of my trusty Singer.

I was very pregnant at the time, feeling mild contractions coming and going, and went craft mad, up until 2am, sewing away all day... and practically all night.

I think I produced about 8 garments over the 3 days.
All baby/toddler things, so nothing too taxing, but great fun none the less.
Mainly fueled by that unusual sinking feeling:

"What do I do with myself, whilst very preggers, and all alone at home for the first time?"

Very rewarding too, though I WAS happy when they finally got back... so I could finally get some sleep and turn my now overheated sewing machine off!

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