Thursday, 6 October 2011

A juggling act

Today is the first time in Nina's 3 weeks of life that my hubby is away for a couple of days and a night...
Now, I know to some, that is the norm, but I am one of the lucky mums who's partner works from home.

So... in the midst of breast feeding, school runs, lunch boxes, dinner and bedtime routine... as well as remembering to feed the cat, I am reminded of "the juggling act" which we ladies (and some men to be fair) are so good at.

This brings me onto a little something I made for Luca, just days before Nina was born.
Maybe as a symbolic act, maybe to remind me of what was to come, but mostly because Luca talked about wanting to juggle.


Nice and easy.

From the lovely book by
little things to sew

Here is how I made them:

Out of any of your scraps of fabric, cut 6 equal "orange-like" segments.
Like this:
The larger the segments, the larger the balls, the smaller the segments, the smaller the balls.
Depends on your little ones' hand size really.

Sew each segment together either with your machine or by hand, leaving a little opening to then fill them with rice, or beans or cushion filling (if you want them to be light).
Sew by hand in order to close up the hole.

This is what mine (or Luca's I should say) turned out to look like:

  More than juggling, he's now using them as 10 pin bowling balls!!!

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