Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Bobble Crochet Cushion

I was Blog Surfing the other day and found the pattern for this fabulous crochet bobble blanket, which inspired me to make a cushion (slightly less to do, I admit).
Check it out here where there is a free pattern (love a free pattern) - thank you Nearsighted Owl.

 I love it soooooo much and it's such fun to make.
Keeps my ever changing thirst for diversity happy.
Maybe it's because I have changed colour every row, or because it's a cushion rather than a blanket, but it's keeping me engaged and I am almost finished with it.
It's soft, bumpy and cuddly.
Making me wish I had about six of them scattered around my home.
Gosh... it's so hard to just stick to one project and I am already thinking about the other 10 I could be making.
Hence the million things I start and struggle to finish.


  1. You are doing a beautiful job! A cushion is a fantastic idea.

  2. Thank you Rachele, I totally love your blog and your creative ideas... very inspiring.