Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Little Minty Chocolate Delights

I admit it.
I love making cupcakes.
I am a Cupcake addict.
What's not to like?
They are miniature cakes... of all flavours and colours.
Perfect portion size, to decorate as one wishes and gobble up in one mouthful... perfectly.

Love them.

Also, love Choc Chip Mint.
So why not marry the two and make the perfect tea-time delight?


 I saw this recipe, and thought "Wow, yum, I like..." but only had a small amount of time to bake, so... decided that small cakes was the way to go.
I love this Baking Blog by the way: raspberricupcakes
Check it out, if you have some time to spare.
The images are so gorgeous and the recipes are just delicious!
Happy baking.
(and eating of course)

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