Friday, 12 October 2012

Nina is 1

I can't believe that a year has gone by.
Nina is 1, and time has just flown by...

It feels like she should only be 6 months old, rather than 1.

She now, goes up the stairs, and back down when I say "Girati Nina" ("Turn around Nina").
She cruises, from piece of furniture to piece of furniture and has attempted her first steps (this week end), much to her excitement.
Feeds herself, very happily.
Is a wriggly girl, when nappies are concerned.
Gives kisses when I say "Bacini" (Little kisses).
Is fearless.
Loves the swimming pool.
Is an explorer and socialite.
Loves taking things out of things (and throwing them all over the room) and putting lids on anything "lid-able".
Adores her big brother Luca so much.
Follows her Daddy around and calls him "Dan" (very amusing, as his name is Alex - has Luca and I in fits of giggles).
Has just started saying "mamiiiii" (pretty much for anything and everything though).
Has 8 teeth (and lots more very sore ones pushing through...)
Wakes up at 6.45am on most morning (aarrggghhhh - though I have to say, better than her brother at this age)
Is a good traveler, but can handle a car journey for only a short-ish time.

Her 1st Birthday party was a Mad Hatter's one.
Hoola Hoops.
Pink Lemonade (though in effect, it was more Orange than Pink - how do you get Pink when you mix Lemons and Strawberries?)
 So... as you can see I went Cupcake mad.
I bought the Primrose Bakery App (for the iPad) and got baking.
 Also, I found the recipe for this yummy cake (more health than birthday, but then again... there was already a lot of sugar on the table).
Check it out here.
Mine didn't quite turn out as "pink" as it looks in the original picture, but it tasted good none-the-less.

Anyway, all in all, Nina's 1st Birthday Party was a lovely, vintage, tea party success.
Not sure how aware she was that it was in fact her big day, but hey... it's the photographs that will in future bring back her memories.

Happy Birthday my dear, gorgeous, smiling, yummy little star.
I love you so dearly and deeply.



  1. Happy happy (belated) birthday Nina. What stupendous cakes. baci from R and L xxx

  2. Thank you Rachel,
    Happy Birthday to your Luca is in order too...
    x b.