Friday, 7 October 2011

Hand in Hand

As I sit in my kitchen, feeding Nina, she in holding my finger tightly in her little hand.
It won't be long until her hand is no longer as tiny as it is.
This reminds me of a little project I started, before Nina was born, inspired by a picture I saw in another blog (can't remember which one, sorry - perhaps it was a picture on Pinterest...)

A project, which I will call
The Hand Family
My first attempt at "embroidery".

It goes something like this:

1. on some white/cream material, trace the hands of every member of your family - from the biggest to the smallest.

2. then with various colours of embroidery thread, stitch over the pencil line of each hand.  


3. you can also push the boat out, and write a little something, which you then embroider too.



I'm not sure if I will turn this into a cushion (I have so many cushions as is), or if I will just iron, starch and frame it as a picture.
Wait and see.


I have yet to embroider Nina's hand inside Luca's...
What colour? Any suggestions?
For the memories:
Luca's hand print, age - 4 1/2
Nina's hand print, age - 3 weeks
Mummy's and Daddy's hand print, age - young!

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