Thursday, 1 December 2011

Two Tops or not Two Tops

On this extremely rainy Thursday, I'm sitting at home, lights on (as it's just so dark, even though it's only 9am), wondering what to do for the day, with an almost 3 month old baby?

Nina is happily kicking her legs and stretching her arms under her wooden-toy-arch (not sure what the exact technical terminology for this particular baby game is), as I type away at my (broken) computer.

  So... looking at the photos I have taken, of various projects I have invested my time into, I leave the world of little dresses behind, and bring you tops this time.
Two of them...

Here they are:

The Toowit-Toohoo Top



The Flutter-by Top


To this top I also added an applique butterfly, which I hand stitched after ironing it on with some Bondaweb backing.

I just LOVE bias binding!
It's my best friend at the moment... makes everything look "finished off".
I went online (try Sew Essentials) and bought various rolls of bias binding in different colours, not cheap, but it really does go a long way.

And so versatile...


  1. love both, that owl fabric is especially darling!

  2. Thank you Stacy.
    I absolutely adore your blog and your creative ideas. The vintage baby clothes are to die for...
    Thank you for your comment and for checking out my blog.
    Cheers and happy holidays.