Monday, 12 December 2011

Mini Bunting

Nina is almost 3 months old (on thursday).
I felt it was time to put down some "landmark moments", so I remember what she was "doing" at such a tiny age.

* She now smiles all the time, at anything and everything... a gorgeous hearty smile that brightens up my day.
* She did her first proper giggle, in the kitchen, with all of us witnessing the cute chuckle. We are all waiting patiently for the next giggle to come along...
* She is starting to teeth (early it seems), as she constantly bites her hands, is a little cranky and finds relief in a grown-up finger firmly lodged on her gums (I've just bought her an amber necklace, as I hear that can aid the teething process?).
* She has grown out of her Newborn clothes and is a little ball of roundness.
* Her favourite person is her big brother!!!
* She holds her head up quite steadily.
* When on her tummy, she is able to hold up her head and shoulders for a few minutes.
* She adores taking a bath and could stay in one for hours...
* She can stay awake for about an hour before she yawns and wants to go back to bed (takes after her mummy - and her daddy for that matter :-)

As this is a day for "mini celebrations", I have made some
 \/\/\/ Mini Bunting \/\/\/

Shamelessly stolen from my friend and fellow crafter Polly (who is an amazingly creative person, always full of fabulous ideas), who recently had a stall at a local Christmas Market here in Hastings, and she used mini bunting to decorate her table.

The bunting triangles are made of felt (so they don't need sewing, and they don't fray - yiiiippiiii), 


and I attached them all together with some bias binding.
So simple to make and totally effective.

Can't wait to get Nina's room sorted, so I can hang this pretty bunting properly...
Luca will be getting some too!!!


  1. Gorgeous photos, looks lovely. I've got 3 days to my fair Bindu and I am going to make some mini bunting tomorrow. :) I have an award waiting for you over on my blog x

  2. The min felt bunting is fabulous, I have some felt leftovers from christmas makes that would be perfect for this little project.

    lovely blog,

  3. Thank you for your comments...
    Let me know how the bunting is coming along.