Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Coat for a Wooden Hanger

Rather a few days have gone by since my last post...

I celebrated a birthday (28... again :-)... )
Luca performed in his end of term nativity show (a Page - dressed vaguely like a Bell Boy).
Finished school until next year... and is now missing "his mates" - as he wailed tonight, in floods of tears.
And the mad xmas rush of final purchases, home made presents, baking and family hoverings is all coming together... and knackering me out!

So... time for some mindless, aesthetic crafting.
Food for the soul.

I have always loved little wooden hangers covered in woolly, knitted or crocheted jackets.
I remember my granny (Nonna) having them... and if only I'd been more interested in thrifting and granny vintage back when I was 20 (when she sadly passed away), I would've coveted all her wooden hangers, clothes, shoes, trinkets, kitchenalia, button collection, sewing machine etc... in fact, her whole house (looking back on it now) would've been a massive vintage flea market.

Reminiscent of this bygone era, I have decided to crochet my own

Wooden Hanger Jackets

Here is how I did my first one (UK stitches):

(please check the width of your coat hanger, this pattern fitted around my wooden coat hanger nicely, but you may have to chain more or less stitches at the start, depending on the width of your hanger)

CH 10.
SS into first chain, to form a circle.
*CH 2 to form the first stitch.
TC 10 more stitches in every chain (11 stitches total, incl CH).
SS into top of first CH**.
Don't turn.
Repeat from * to **

When you are finished (amount of rows depend on the length of your hanger), un-screw the metal "hook" off the wooden hanger, slide the crochet "sausage" onto the hanger, re-screw the metal hook back in it's place.


Sew the ends together, with the same colour yarn (I actually left enough yarn at the beginning of the "sausage" and at the end and just used this to sew the ends in together).

And that's that!!!

I suppose you could use any stitch you wanted. I used a Treble this time, but may try a Half Treble or a Double next time, to make it all a little tighter.
Here I also used a 3mm hook, but you could use a smaller one to make the stitches tighter...

Such fun...

I have also knitted some wooden hanger "jackets", which look lovely, but it takes me twice as long to knit than to crochet, so I have gone back to my Hook.

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