Friday, 30 December 2011

Personalise my Bath

Ohhhh Xmas is over...
All our guests have left, and piles of laundry are mounting up in our utility room.
 A mountain of towels, I don't know which ones are clean, used and who's.

In our household, we often tend to get all our towels mixed up.
Most of them are just plain white (which I love), so we all end up having the same looking towel, and when bath time comes round, it's an endless mix-up.

So I made Nina, her very own

Name Tag Towel

I took some bright red ribbon and "wrote" out her name on the towel, securing the ribbon with pins as I went along...

I sewed the edges of the ribbon, trying not to overlap an area too much. It took a little working out to see which sewing "journey" will take you round the ribbon without overlapping yourself too much, but once worked out, it's the easiest sewing project EVER.


And here it is... never to be mistaken for Daddy's towel now!!!


Love it!
Makes me chuckle...

I suppose now I need to make one each for the rest of us... maybe a slightly "smaller" name tag?
More appropriate :-)


  1. What a great idea, and it looks so effective.

  2. Ribbon writing! Lovely idea, looks great Bindu.