Friday, 4 November 2011

That 70's feeling

I've been beavering away at this 70's inspired crochet delight (colours aside I think it's rather fab) for quite some time.
So I thought I'd share it with you, just to urge me on, to finish it properly.

My friend Anna thinks it should be a dress (70's style - which would actually suit her perfectly), but I'm rather inadequate at actually making anything other than cushions, blankets, scarves... basically anything square or rectangular... so I probably won't be achieving
That 70's Dress
just yet.


The pattern for this retro looking blanket is taken from the book:

The Gentle Art of Knitting

 Thank you Mandi for loaning me this creative hardback.

My love affair with knitting has been a short lived one, unlike crochet, which is the kind of love affair turned marriage, so I haven't tried many of the other patterns in the book, but there are a few crochet patterns in there too...


Having taken these photos... and looking at the pictures, I now LOVE this large blanket...
So much so, that I think I will embark on making another one!

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  1. Great job Bindu! It's amazing. Looks like Missoni. I love the way you've got big and small colour blocks. X