Sunday, 20 November 2011

Crispy love

When I was pregnant with Nina (and Luca for that matter), my one addiction and craving was for ready salted

(potato chips to the non Brits).

I love love love love them.
Especially Kettle Crisps (I should be sponsored by them I eat so many!)

So, the other day, I attempted to make my own.

They didn't turn out to look as good as Kettles do
(I didn't have a big enough potato peeler, so I had to cut the potatoes in half)
but they were scrummy none the less.

Here is how I made them:

1. Cut 3 large potatoes (smaller ones would probably work better come to think of it), into thinnish slices. I used a potato peeler, but if you have one of those retro slicing machines (like my Mum does), then use that instead.
2. Place the sliced potatoes in a  bowl of cold water for about 30mins.

3. Take the potato slices out and lay them on some kitchen paper in order to dry them out and soak up ALL the water.
Top Tip: The dryer they are, the better they fry!

4. Heat up some Rape Seed Oil (or Sunflower Oil) in a pot (enough to dunk the potatoes in comfortably) until it is incredibly hot hot hot!!!
Top Tip: The hotter the better.


5. In batches of about 10 slices, fry them for about 2 minutes or until they turn golden brown.
Top Tip: They burn very quickly if you are not careful.


6. With a fork take the potatoes out of the oil and let them dry on a sheet of paper towel, so that all the excess oil is removed.


Sprinkle with Sea Salt and/or Pepper or Chilli Powder and

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