Friday, 25 November 2011

A card for Xmas

Last night Nina slept through the night for the first time.
From 8pm to 6.45am!
It was gift.
She's not been a bad nightime sleeper so far, but a WHOLE night... that was truly an early xmas pressie.
Fingers crossed it's not just a one-off experience, but one of many to come.

So, talking of Christmas pressies and as Christmas is looming ever closer (unbelievably so...)
I have decided to try my hand at making

Home Made Cards


I've never tried sewing on card directly, so this in my little attempt.

Great fun to make, freestyling on the sewing machine is pretty cool.
Had to practice a fair bit with tension on the machine, and after screwing on the embroidery foot for my sewing machine, I got the swing of it... foot down on the pedal and hands moving the paper around frenetically.
I don't think they look SO bad.

If you are one of my lucky "home made card" receivers, let me know what you think!

Here is how I made them, if you too fancy gracing your friends and loved ones with similar cards:


I cut out Xmas-sy shapes (using cooking cutters as well as free-styling) out of some felt I had left over. Then with some double sided sticky tape, I secured it to the card, before sewing the material onto the paper.
For the felt shapes I used an ordinary sewing machine foot.


Moving onto the writing, I removed the sewing foot and screwed on the Embroidery Foot - free-styled by moving the card up and down as required, but kept my foot down on the sewing machine... to get a constant flow of stitches...

Then in I added the final touches by writing something in thin black pen.

So... in true Xmas fashion...

And have a drink on me...


  1. Brilliant! I love the little Christmas trees :)

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  3. Thank you... so easy to make and such fun too... :-)