Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Square Affair

As winter sets in, I am plagued with one cold after another.
I knew that after the high of JUMP premiering, I would come down with another lurgy...

So now I find myself on the sofa, with tissues on hand, hot lemon, fresh ginger and honey next to me, snuggled up under a heavy layer of wool, as I finish off crochetting this super warm

Hopscotch Blanket


In effect, it's a series of scarves stitched together (if that makes sense?), with a border around it.


Crochet Extravaganza

This particular idea was adapted from Dottie Angel's blog and instructions.
She is just a magician with her crochet hook.

Here is Dottie Angel's beautiful version:

In keeping with my own bedroom colours (sans doilies), I actually went and bought "proper" wool for this baby, this time.
Not the cheapy acrylic wool I buy locally, I sourced this gorgeous 100% Aran Wool by
Cascade bought online at Pavi Yarns.

Beautiful feel. Chunky wool.

And fairly pricey too... Only for special, special projects...

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