Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Holiday Break

I've been quiet on the blog front (but very active in the reading of Blogs - in fact have discovered some fab new ones), as I have now been on holiday, with family, in the sunny mountains of Switzerland, where my mother lives.

The weather has been amazing.
Building up a slow, golden tan.

Spending most of my days at the lido, teaching my son to swim - he is doing so, so well and he's almost there... Braving the water without the safety of a floating object.

Have also been popping in to the Locarno Film Festival, showing some wonderful films, from all over the world.
Not getting as much film watching as I would've liked... Family duties have taken the front seat.
Must get some space in my life to get cracking with some writing again... It's hard to clear the decks and get the headspace to concentrate and get inspired.

That's why I love crafting so much, because I don't need too much space to get creative. I can multi-task.
Something I'm not too good at anymore, since being pregnant with Nina.
It seems my brain has partly turned to mush, and I feel slightly fuzzy all day long.
Is this normal?
Will it pass?
I don't recall having been so "ditzy" after Luca was born...

Ahhh well...

Treated myself to a new App by the Primrose Bakery people.

It's fab, and what I love about having a cook book on the iPad, is that you can take hundreds of recipes with you, wherever you go.

Here is what Luca and I rustled up the other day.

Nutella Cupcakes.

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