Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A study of Light

I love East Sussex.
The little picturesque villages, the marshes, the beach, the cliffs.
So much variety.

I captured some photographs of Rye, on my latest wonder through the cobbled streets (and most importantly the browsing of its many vintage antique stores).

I would love one day to shoot a film (probably a period film) set in these picturesque streets...
Any ideas for a story?

The light, colours and mood is always very photogenic.
Which brings me onto an e-Lighting Course at Arrow and Apple, which I am currently doing.

Check it out...

At the moment (and I am only on week 2 as I don't have a lot of time I can concentrate on it), I have already learnt and experimented loads with my Nikon D90 (as well as my BlackBerry phone - when it's all I've got).

Happy photographing.

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