Monday, 3 December 2012

Embroidery and Applique' Baby Grows

Since the birth of my son Luca, I have been making these baby grows (and little vests) for him, and now that Nina is here, I have been dabbling in this craftiness once again.

In fact, I find it quite a fun and relaxing thing to do, as there are various stages to the "making" of these here items.
Especially the applique ones.
The drawing, the cutting out Bondaweb, the ironing onto leftover bits of fabric, the ironing onto baby grows and finally a little sewing...

Give me any blank canvas, t-shirt, top and I am in danger of covering it with some kind of embroidered, appliqué design.

From a girl superhero, to a running dog.
Words, letters, numbers adding up.
What fun.

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