Sunday, 23 December 2012

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

"Yes, two days until Santa comes".
Luca is waiting and counting, patiently...
Too cute.
Nina has no real idea what is going on, apart from finding it endlessly amusing to take all the baubles off the Christmas Tree and proceed to throw them down the stairs, or in the fireplace, or even in the toilet bowl.

What can you say?

A festive drink is in order.
Today... the Cosmopolitan.
What you will need is:

50ml Vodka
25ml Cointreau (or any Orange liqueur)
Juice of half a lemon or lime
Juice of half an orange
50ml Cranberry Juice
a twist of orange peel, to garnish
Put all the ingredients in a cocktail mixer (or a large glass), along with lots of ice (keep the orange peel for the glass).
Shake well, then pour into a Martini glass (or an old fashioned cocktail glass - which I will be hunting for next summer at local car boot sales).


I'm sipping mine now... and it's gone straight to my head.


Merry Christmas

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