Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A burst of Granny Blanket

Time is of a premium at the moment.
With a cheeky 10 month old causing mischief every time I take my eye off her, I am left with very little time to do ANYTHING, let alone crochet.

So... small, quick, dainty is KEY.

Hence I am completely obsessed (or have been), with these little squares of colourful magic.

They are extremely quick to make, hence I've just gone on and on and on making one after another...
Without much thought as to what I would actually end up doing with them all, in the end.

So far, I have made 144 of these tiny crochet delights, and have begun stitching them all together to make a little granny blanket.
One big enough to cover my knees.

But I didn't bank on the fact that now I have thousands of little yarn ends to sew in.
Argghhhhhhh... what a pain.
My least favourite job, as I actually need to concentrate whilst doing it.

Not something I will be able to do during the day, when Nina is on her eleventh speedy crawl up the stairs - looking incredibly wobbly, may I add - or has dug out the moist soil out of every plant pot in the house - including sampling each variety, like a gourmet chef!

Gosh, I'm exhausted.
How did I forget this stage?
More to the point... WHY?

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