Monday, 23 July 2012

A Stitched & Crochet Edged Tea Towel

I have the tendency to start lots of crafty projects, which I then struggle to actually complete.
I have so many ideas for crafty things I want to do and get inspired everywhere I look, that I just flutter from one new thing to the next.

I am not like this in every walk of life, as usually I have the tendency to start a task and not rest until I finish it, before I set about commencing another one.
Like reading books: I need to start and finish a book, before I begin the next one, unlike some people who have a stack of books on their bedside table... dipping into which ever story they are up for, on that particular day or evening.

But in the world of crafting, sewing, crochetting, I am a "dipping" kind of Gal!

So... I have given myself the task of actually finishing and completing some of the projects I've started, which happen to be sitting around my house, in an array of wicker baskets and knitting bags.

Here is the first of those projects, which I started AGES ago.

 I made some simple tea towels out of cream, cotton calico, stitched the edges and decorated both ends with some bias binding.
Then I appliqued some "kitchen-ey" designs onto them (a boiled egg, a milk bottle, a pot of tea) and then, to finish them off, I saw this tutorial and thought that making a crochet edging would be such a cute and pretty thing to do.

I think I may start a few more of these cute tea towels.
There goes my resolution to FINISH projects rather than starting new ones.
What the heck...

Perhaps they'll make cute little Xmas presents (can I really be thinking of Christmas already?)
Alas... the rain which has been dampening our summer, has fooled me into thinking it's already Autumn!

As I write this, my son is learning to ride his bike without stabilizers, in the garden!
Get the first aid kit ready.

Better take him to the park then.


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