Thursday, 10 May 2012

Today, Nina and I went up to London together, to test and see the look and sound of the DCP copy of my film JUMP ahead of the UK Premier on Saturday 12th May.
It's screening at EMPIRE Leicester Square as part of the British Independent Film Festival, which I'm very excited about and equally nervous.
Finally my UK friends and family will be able to see what I have been working on for so many years... and it's a little scary.

Anyway... back to our day in London.
Traveled up by train, and popped in to the Empire cinema (the night before the whole cast of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows - including Johnny Depp - had had their premier there).

Then we wondered into the National Portrait Gallery to see the Lucian Freud exhibition, which was  so impressive, strong and rich...

Nina was just a pleasure to be with... she gurgled throughout my wonderings of the NPG, as most female patrons seemed more interested in making her smile than in the vast canvases of nudes.

Then we got hungry and made our way to Wagamama and enjoyed some gorgeous Udon Noodles.

To end our London day, we browsed some fashion stores and headed back to Charing Cross Station to catch our train back home.

Lovely and super sweet.
Loads of giggles and happy shrieks.

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