Sunday, 6 May 2012

Crochet Squares + Crochet Squares = Crochet Cushion

Finally I have had some time to get back to crochetting.
On a lazy Sunday morning, as Luca sat on our bed watching the Octonauts and Nina napped, I began crochetting little brightly coloured granny squares.


Six granny squares by Six granny squares = a whole lot of granny squares.
Inspiration taken from this months' Mollie Makes Magazine.
It was fun to make and I literally could've made hundreds of them... the only annoying thing was that once I joined them all together, I had a lot of loose ends to sew in... which took forever.

I cheated a little as, to finish it off, I sewed it onto a cream, cotton cushion cover which I bought from H&M.
I think this is better than crochetting the back of the cushion as well as the front, as it keeps it firmer (wool tends to stretch and give a lot).

I am really happy with the result... and now it's sitting pretty in Nina's bedroom on the rocking chair.
I wanted to make it for Luca at first, but when I proposed the idea to him, he was non plussed and said that Nina would like it more than him.
Fair enough.
I WILL put some crochet in my boys room... soon... whether he likes it or not! :-)

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