Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Once again...
I find myself in Switzerland, with you by my side, as I present JUMP at another Film Festival.


Nervous as always, not so much for the films' sake, but how I will juggle the "mommy" thing with the "director" thing.
I come prepared with sling, pram, expressed milk, formula (just in case)... ready to brave the screening tomorrow at 5pm.

It's never easy knowing how it will be perceived bringing you along, as my side kick, in these events. Like "bring your kid to work". Not always the best image, but I am determined that being a woman and a mummy shouldn't limit ones professional dreams. Let people think what they like, I say!
Hopefully, as it's 2012, people will accept that you are only 4 months old, and I am once again a new mum in the throws of motherhood, whilst grappling with the duties of what making a film has bestowed upon me.

We have left Luca and Alex at home (as Luca has school), with a promise that next time I have to get on a flight, they will come along too... I miss them dearly and I know you do too.


PS. The screening went well... the film looked great on the MASSIVE screen, great quality and sound.
Very happy about it.
Thank you Solothurn

PPS. Nina, you were amazing!!! Definitely won the Oscar for most fabulously calm and sweet baby. Never cried. Never complained. Just went along for the ride amidst the chaos and hubbub of film people.

PPPS. Coudn't have done it without my great friend Sarah. Once again, she was there offering help and support every step of the way. :-)

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