Thursday, 26 January 2012

A little Rag Doll party

Back in the rhythm of things...
At home.
Juggling time. Like little pockets. One hour here to do laundry, 30 minutes there to dye/wash hair (yes, the grey hair is fast becoming the most prominent colour on my head), another 30 minutes to clean the kitchen whilst making phone calls on my hands free phone... all this whilst you have your first nap of the day.

So, back to some crafting... as it makes me happy :-)

I have always wanted to make a



and finally I found a patter online on Martha Stewart's website
and they are so easy and fun to make that I have just made 3 of them.
A blond, a raven haired and a redhead (still in the making).

I will wait until you are older, so you can name them.

On the Martha Stewart website, you get a free, downloadable template and a step by step tutorial, so check it out.
Fabulous. Cute and quirky.

I love embroidering the different faces on the dolls (on the second doll, I did this before sewing the pieces together... and it looks a lot better, no straggly threads showing).


I made the apron and bows as afterthoughts... more such accessories to come soon.
A girl neeeeeeeeeeeds accessories!


I am sure I could try out adding "long hair" to the next doll I make (I am addicted now), just to see if it works.
The pattern is only for "short haired dolls".

Also... I added some new fringe styles, which I made myself. Easy, use the template as a starting point, then cut your own "hairstyle".


And now... I think a dolls house is in order.

Ohhhhh I can just see the hours of fun I have ahead of me... playing!
That's if you are into dolls, of course. I remember when I was little, I wasn't really a "doll" girl, more Playmobil and Marbles, but hey... I can but hope.

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  1. Hi Bindu, they are gorgeous. You should sew the faces on after they've been stuffed. You pull the thread right through to catch the knot in the stuffing x