Thursday, 22 September 2011

She's arrived!

A week ago I become a mother (for the second time), though this time to an adorable, button-like baby Girl called Nina.

This blog will be a sort of diary/journal of all things girly and feminine, which I have recently immersed myself into: Vintage, Cooking, Crochetting, Knitting, Crafting, Baking, Sewing and generally being a 21st Century-Retro all round girly girl.

My daughter will probably not be interested in any of these things, as she grows up to be a strong willed, independent young girl and woman, most probably into dark eye liner, heavy metal and wearing nothing but black, but in case she is, this will be a diary of all the things I loved doing whilst she was growing up.

Of course my gorgeous first born-Son Luca, is welcome to any of my girly tips, let's not forget the "new man" in him (though at this stage, the ripe age of 4 1/2, I can see that all things "sport" with Dad seem far more interesting than learning how to thread a needle).


I only started to crochet about 2 1/2 years ago and it is now a fully fledged obsession. Self taught (as I couldn't find any books that really explained the basics in an easily understandable language), it's taken me some time to become confident about the different stitches, but now I am happy to explore and invent my own patterns and experiment... 

All easy stuff, nothing fancy...

I have just finished a baby blanket no 1, currently wrapped up around by week old baby girl.

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