Thursday, 29 September 2011

Missing my boy today

One comes in the door, one goes out. 

Luca started school three weeks ago, and today I really miss him.
I miss our chats and hanging out and his endless, complex questions.
Now when I pick him up from school, and I ask him what he's done, his answer is 
"I can't remember".
I don't push the issue, but I miss knowing what he's up to and being a part of his day.

Is that sad?

Last night was the first night since Nina was born, that Luca woke up (with growing pains in his ankles) and came into our bed crying - just as I was feeding Nina.


What to do?
Thankfully Nina wasn't too fussed about taking a wee break from boob, whilst I cuddled and massaged Luca (Daddy just wouldn't do in this instance).
As I picked him up in my arms I realised just how BIG he'd gotten. 
I suppose after spending all day holding little tiny Nina, anything remotely bigger or heavier just feels gigantic... and he did.

I soothed, rocked, massaged and stroked his hair.
 Finally... he calmed down, and back in his own bed, fell asleep again 

I suppose that tiny interlude of "neediness", reminded me of how independent he actually is now, and how rarely I am now able to properly cuddle him, without him saying "I'm too busy Mum".

Thankfully I have Nina, who hasn't yet learnt how to push me away, and is now the victim of all the cuddles and kisses I can shower upon her.
I'm gonna make the most of it!!!

In the meantime... check out Frankie Magazine.
Looks cute, fun, arty... right up my street. Thinking of subscribing to it, if it weren't so pricey!

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