Sunday, 15 February 2015

Pin cushion series - 2

I'd never really attempted any stitching before...
Then I bought Cath Kidston's STITCH and simply got addicted to these dainty projects.

So, I've made my second series of Pin Cushions.

A little pooch and a rambling rose (all projects from the book).
I've started another stitching project, which I am still working on... and may take some time.

I'm quite pleased with the outcome... it reminds me of my Nonna and various pictures she used to have framed on her wall.
I love that one minute you are thinking "This is going nowhere" and the next you have a perfectly formed, delicate picture.

I'm going to attempt some cut out, stitched letters next: L, N, A... B (for me).

Stitching it quite time consuming and delicate work.
Being a fast paced, no nonsense crochetter - stitching can seem quite focused work, so I can only take so much of it at a time.
Great for taking with you on a train journey...
Not so good if you want to watch TV and be crafty with your hands, all at once.


x b.

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