Saturday, 27 September 2014

Crochet Pin Cushions

Here is another "mini cushion" - also known as my Pin Cushions - which you can make.

Satisfyingly swift crochet projects.

Lovely presents for avid sewers?

I used thin cotton to do this, so that the cushion doesn't bend out of shape, once stuffed.
I chose to freestyle with the pattern (so I'm sorry if I can't remember what I did, and can't write down a pattern), but it could easily be made as a simple, dainty, delicate Granny Square...?

I lined the crochet side of the Pin Cushion with some cream fabric, to hold the stuffing inside, and hand sewed the crochet square to the ready made cushion...

Now I'm off to sew something.
Get those pins OUT!

x b.

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