Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Harking back to Christmas...

We are desperately waiting for the snow in our household.
It came, we thought it would stay, pondered taking a "day off school", as it was coming down by the bucket loads, then it all disappeared.

Where is the real SNOW!!!
The one that comes down and stays.
The one that makes Winter bearable...
I want to go sledging.
Make a snowman (or snow woman or snow cat - why not!).
Have a snowball fight.
Make snow angels.

I will settle with making Christmas Tree Cookies.
The "un-healthy" kind, which I "can't" eat, but the others will enjoy.

They are good fun to make, especially the dunking of the cooked cookies in the melted chocolate.
And of course "Licking the bowl" Luca shouts!
Snow or no snow.


  1. I am Bindu too. A crochet addict and blogger.... My active blog is Hope, we can be connected.

  2. I have recently found your blog, and quite chuffed You have a lovely blog and a host of talents and a new follower. Those cookies look delicious x